W Das Consultancy

shipdesign and consultancy


Visiting our website gives us the opportunity to present us.

Our main target is design and consultancy for Marine related Companies like Shipping companies for Cargo transport, Passengers transport, Offshore Oil and Gas, Energy plants and Fishing companies.

Because of our versatile knowledge and experience in the maritime sector, we are also regular hired as interim Technical director and Project leader by Shipyards and Shipping Companies or Suppliers to maritime related companies. These jobs we did worldwide, such as in China, South East Asia, Middle East and Europe

The vessels we have designed, and/or managed during the design and new building, were Workboats, Suppliers, Passenger vessels and Fishing vessel and all of them were sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly designs.

Our own latest design were Super Fast Crew Boats (SFCB) for the Malaysian Oil and Gas Offshore industry, which you can read on page 2.

We have also designed and produced under our supervision tools for the Marine industry, like a Propeller Blade Bender, which can be used underwater, to repair the bended blades of propellers up to 4 meter diameter.

We work together with a group of serious and high qualified sub-contractors, which have proven to construct, produce and install mechanical, electrical and interior equipment and installations. Together we have proven that our maritime products worked hassle-free from the start and without main problems in the first 5 to 10 years. 

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